There’s a new gallery page on the website here. Check it out.

Yesterday I was looking through output images from an old project files. These images were never used but they were pretty nice (if I do say so myself!)

Not bad… not bad at all!

This lead me to more and more images from other projects. Some of them are pretty nice but didn’t fit the final look or feel of the project and so were never seen. I decided I wanted a place to post these images where they didn’t need to be heavily curated or annotated in the hopes that it becomes a relatively quick and thoughtless (in a good sense) way to share these pictures.

I’m mostly there.

The process from local image file to gallery

To make this as easy as possible I decided to batch everything I could using Imagemagick and a Python script.

The current process is that images are added to a gallery_source_images folder on my computer. Imagemagick handles converting the source images into two versions. There’s a large 1920×1080 size generated, and a thumbnail at 260×135. Each of these are written out to local folders.

Next, a Python script reads the files and adds them to an html file built for the gallery. Then a quick FTP to the site and done. Hopefully this is easy enough that I can keep this up-to-date (weekly? hopefully).

HTML5Up Lens template and tweaks

The gallery template is Lens from the supremely helpful site. There’s still two issues though that I’d like to fix.

First, the gallery does not always show the full image. Depending on the size of the view-port, the CSS will crop part of the image.

Secondly, there is no direct linking to each image. This means I can’t share a URL for a particular image in the gallery.

Aside from that I think it looks pretty good. There’s some CSS tweaks to be made but so far, off to a good start. Now let’s see if I actually keep it up to date!