I have some news. I am starting up a new group called Creative Code Review!

Twitter: @CreativeCodeRev
And soon: CreativeCodeReview.ca

For as long as I’ve been doing creative coding I’ve always wondered how other people approach their practice. And how does the way I’ve been doing it compare? I’ve never been comfortable showing off my code due to not having a ‘proper’ CS education and the usual imposter syndrome. I’m guessing other creative coders might feel similarly and I’d like to find another way for us to share and learn from each other.

I know that coding reviews usually happen in large organizations but I thought why not do something similar in an informal setting for creative coders? So, the goal is to hold monthly events for people who enjoy creative coding and want to participate in code reviews!

Creative Code Review is intended to be an open inclusive, friendly and informal community that supports and learns from one another. An ideal result of participating in a code review will be that you learn something, build a greater sense of community and hopefully get a great feeling of having helping someone else!


I am a novice programmer, can I come?
Anyone with practical experience writing code is welcome. The goal here is to contribute and learn in a supportive collaborative environment.
You do not need to be an expert to participate but we’re also not going to be teaching programming 101. It will help you to be familiar enough with coding to know what a method or function is, what variables and arrays are, awareness of GitHub etc… Having your own GitHub account with some code posted is helpful but not required.
Bottom line, if you’re not sure about participating then definitely join in and see what you think. The more (and more diverse) the merrier.

What programming languages are acceptable for a code review project?
We are open to just about any and every high-level language. This means languages such as Javascript, Python, Java. Get in touch and ask us if you have questions.

Given Covid-19, how are we going to be meeting?
The idea for Creative Code Review began before Covid-19 was part of our world. For the time being I think we will meet online. However, I would love to get back to being able to meet in person!

jawBreaker2, 2014. Written in Processing (Java)

Interested? Get in touch…

Does this sound of interest to you? We are going to run our first Code Review during July so please let me know (@sspboyd or @CreativeCodeRev) and we’ll figure out a format that accommodates as many people as we can.