Notes and Resources

I gave a talk at last night’s CreateInTO event and it went really well! I very much appreciate that people came out on a cold, rainy October night.

The talk was about my experiences in using Processing and P5.js for prototyping and data visualization. I used examples from two recent projects, Visualizing $23B in UN Agency Spending and Genetic Algorithm Solving the Travelling Salesperson Problem.

There were several sites and resources discussed during the talk. The following are links to everything we covered.

Source Code for Data Visualization Projects

UN Spending Visualization

Travelling Salesperson Genetic Algorithm

Processing Project Template

This is the template I often use when starting new projects. I has some preset variables and utility functions that I find myself using on most projects.

Processing .gitignore file

This is the .gitignore file I use. It helps me keep my repositories clean and filters out some production output files I don’t necessarily want in my repos.

John Maeda’s Design by Numbers

An inspiration and precursor to Processing,

Wrap up

I didn’t have anything to pitch or promote for this talk, but I did have some questions for the audience. Namely, does anyone know of any opportunities to do peer reviews of creative coding projects? Formalized code reviews are often part of professional workflows but I am hoping to find people interested in doing reviews of each other’s projects with the intention of supporting learning and inspiring each other to improve.

Secondly, does something like a book-club but for data visualization exist? I think that would be a great way to discuss and learn about what works for data viz.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or ideas about the projects or really anything else.

Thanks for reading!