I will be presenting a few of my recent Genetic Algorithm and Data Viz projects at CreateInTo in Toronto on October 30th. Location and ticket info can be found on the CreateInTo page here.

The projects I’ll be talking about run the gamut from Genetic Algorithms, Data Visualization and Physical Installations. The connective thread between them is the use of Processing and P5xjs to realize each project.

Overview of each Project

How can we visualize a genetic algorithm at work? Can we follow its progress, see how quickly it improves. This project combines developing a genetic algorithm to solve the TSP problem and visualizing that process in real time.

How to you understand and make sense of $23B in UN Funding by 30 agencies and 100+ countries? What are the design challenges? And what if you want to present on a very large screen??

Using Processing as a rapid prototyping tool. This project involved creating a working model in code of Sol LeWitt’s wall drawing based on his purposefully vague instructions.

I’m very much looking forward to it. Please say hello if you come out.