1. Mike Ferrier mferrier Nobody in Toronto can ever make fun of the US electing Bush ever again. #VoteTO 26 Oct 2010 
  2. tapesonthefloor tapesonthefloor I, for one, welcome our new Marshmallow Man overlord. RT @coreypierceart ALL HAIL MAYOR STAYPUFT #fordTO #voteTO 26 Oct 2010
  3. john papamarko johnpapa Can we PLEASE refer to Rob Ford as “Mayor Double Down”? He’s greasy, filled w/ cheese and generally bad for the health of the city. #voteTO 26 Oct 2010
  4. Tony Clement TonyClement_MP There are too many sore losers on Twitter. If your candidate got trounced stop blaming the electorate. 26 Oct 2010
  5. Patrick Imbeau silentpat3d My students have #epicfail writing skills but they pale in comparison to Toronto’s #epicfail voting skills #voteTO 26 Oct 2010
  6. kim kimtarlo RT @sherm85: RT @JasonJHughes: Rob Ford is the Nickelback of Mayors. All the votes, yet no one admits to voting for him. #voteTO 26 Oct 2010
  7. Sofi P. sexytypewriter I just got back from Back to the Future and would like to fly the Delorean to 2014 when Adam Vaughan is Mayor of Toronto. #VoteTO 26 Oct 2010
  8. Tyler Stewart Baldy67 Outta the frying pan and into the deep fryer… #voteTO 26 Oct 2010
  9. Lee newgoodbye 2010: we hosted the G20 and some idiots broke stuff, and then we elected Rob Ford. Santa’s going to fly right over us this year. #voteTO 26 Oct 2010
  10. Dan Dziuba thatsadandyidea #voteTO #cp24mayor Everytime I see Ford, I hear “in a van, down by the RI-ver” 26 Oct 2010
  11. Jim Pook jimpook Ppl leaving TO: Remember, Calgary is East – keep driving until you hit water, you’re almost there. #VoteTO 26 Oct 2010
  12. MrDisco MrDisco3 Let hope cyclists get put out to pasture! #voteTO 26 Oct 2010
  13. Magda Wesolkowska wesolkowska Listening to @CBCNews Ford supporters saying without sarcasm, “the Tea Party has arrived in TO. Isn’t that great?” #VoteTO (head shaking) 26 Oct 2010
  14. DangerGirl6 DangerGirl6 Ok. Gotta Say It Again. ROB FORD IS TORONTO’S NEW MAYOR. WOOOOOOOT! NOW THAT IS REAL CHANGE!!! Way To Go TORONTO. #voteTO 26 Oct 2010
  15. Jim Pook jimpook Leftards are out in full force tonight in TO – Too bad for them they didn’t all get out and vote earlier when they had the chance! #VoteTO 26 Oct 2010
  16. Jim Pook jimpook @jasonnolan BooFuckingHoo – #RobFord still won. Get over it. #VoteTO 26 Oct 2010
  17. MrDisco MrDisco3 “Toronto: OCAD commits mass suicide” #voteTO SWEET! Let’s get the special interest groups off of the taxpayer’s teat. 26 Oct 2010
  18. S southpawrighty They kicked the bums out!. I feel like this city will finally turn around. So tired of socialist policies and “green” projects. #voteTo 26 Oct 2010
  19. MrDisco MrDisco3 artists and cyclists can get out of the way – it’s time for the common taxpayer to come first! #voteto 26 Oct 2010
  20. sharelle sharelle If enough people check in to Toronto on @foursquare, can Rob Ford be ousted as mayor? #voteTO #cp24mayor #fordpocalypse #unfordtunate 26 Oct 2010

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