A Big Bang called Twitter on Datavisualization.ch

A Big Bang called Twitter on Datavisualization.ch“From Information Architects comes the new Web Trend Map for 2010. Last years Web Trend Map mapped the most important domain on the web to the Tokyo Metro System. Now this year, Oliver Reichenstein and his team focused on the 140 most important people on Twitter and named the Map accordingly Cosmic 140.”

City Lights

City Lights “A visualization of Thom Yorke’s song Harrowdown Hill using an image of New Yorks skyline. The Processing sketch analyses the song and distributes frequency bands to separate buildings in the photo. When a beat is detected in that frequency range, the lights of the building will turn on. If no beat is detected, the building … Continue reading City Lights

I noticed this on Google Reader today. I like having some fun added to UIs but I’d also like to know what is going on here. byMagic

Tweets to TSV

I created a nice Twitter to TSV (tab separated values) program this weekend using Processing and Twitter4J. The challenge of working within the Twitter API rate limiting and parsing out the data turned out to be more interesting than the original idea I wanted to work on. What’s great is that I now have a … Continue reading Tweets to TSV

TreeMap Progress

The following two images show the changes to the TreeMapping project as I refine the code. The grid of smaller images below shows the different stages of the image as I add colour coding for each team’s players (red and blue) and green/black for hockey specific terms.  The hockey specific terms are somewhat subjective, for … Continue reading TreeMap Progress

I created a TreeMap from the words in CBC Sports stories written for each Habs / Caps game in Round 1. The TreeMap graph shows the most commonly used words. I removed the 15 most commonly used non-‘hockey’ specific words such as “the”, “it”, “a” etc… There’s a few player names that pop up, Halak … Continue reading