Visualizing CBC Digital Projects


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Project Dependencies: Weighted by Audience and Revenue

This graph shows three different views of the relative dependency for each content areas on Digital Operations projects.

  1. Unadjusted: The first view shows which Digital Ops projects are most important to each content areas.
  2. Adjusted for Pageviews: The second view shows how the relative dependency of the Content Areas changes when pageviews are used to normalize the data. Another way of saying this is, which projects would the CBC focus on if only pageviews were important to us?
  3. Adjusted for Revenue: Similar to the previous view, this displays the relative dependency of the Content Areas changes when revenue are used to normalize the data.

The data for pageview came from looking at Omniture's standard reporting categories as defined by the Research department. The revenue data includes MS&M advertising and sponsorships, mobile projects such as HNIC Bell mobility app and women's FIFA. The revenue numbers do not include Syndication deals, distribution deals or paid downloads via iTunes, XBox etc...

Data last updated: March 2, 2012

Source code: weightedNodes_js

Created by: Stephen Boyd

Built with Processing and Processing.js